The 2P main character of the Anime/Manga series "Soul Eater" 

Appearence Edit


Aura is similar in appearence to Soul in the fact that he has the same sharp toothed grin, he has jet black hair with a single strip of red from bangs to the back of his hair on his left side.

He is commonly seen in a black leather jacket with the "EATER" logo on his arm, and chains hanging off his pockets. The ends of his sleeves and bottom of his jacket are frayed, and he wears a white under shirt. He is a fan of ripped up dark blue jeans, his black rocker boots with spikes on them, and a black belt with a skull buckle. He is seen wearing black fingerless gloves in some instances, and his favorite accessory is a necklace with an "A" made out of bent metal.


His weapon form is not as subtle as his counterpart. He has a black metal handle with an open area where the hands go that is spiked for flare. The blade has a similar zig-zag style but it is black and dark grey. The eye on Soul is replaced with a large red jewel that has a small black pearl in place of the pupil.


Aura is a lover of classic rock and is almost always air gutaring or drumming on tables, chairs, books, or what ever makes a "rocking" noise when he hits it. He is a persistant person when it comes to hunting souls but he tends to try and think his way out of tough situations and he is the first one to try and find a rational escape when things go south. He tends to watch how much he eats, except when it's souls, and he trains night and day until his body crashes, which can sometimes hender their completion of a mission.

Aura is a cool guy but he doesn't try. He typical tries to devert the attention to others with no success. He has the girls on his team, except his partner Kama, falling at his feet for a date which he always turns down. His heart is set only on his partner, even if he won't admit it, and he is waiting for some sign that she feels the same way.


Aura loves Rock n' Roll music to the point that he went against his family's wishes for him to learn the piano and he taught himself the gutar. His obcession with classic rock lead him to learn the drums, hone his voice, and, as if it were destiny, he learned the keyboard.

Aura spends most of his free time training, playing basket ball with his friends, or writing music for his band. In the little time of relax he has his naps or he watches T.V. He typically will over load on his studying at school and he is a top student even with Kama.